Megan Nielsen Flint Trousers

Megan Nielsen Flint Trousers

I have no idea why it took me so long to make these Flint Trousers from Megan Nielsen, because they are my new absolute favourite item of clothing! They were remarkably easy to fit, are super comfy to wear and have some lovely design details.

I’ve had the pattern for over a year now after I saw the brilliant selection on the Me Made May Instagram hashtag last year, but I hadn’t had a chance to make them before the end of last summer. However, this year I was determined to make some and put the pattern on my 2018 Make Nine list. One of the main things I learnt in this year’s Me Made May is that I needed more trousers, so I set about rectifying that immediately!

I was worried about the fitting, as I’ve not made any items of clothing by Megan Nielsen before (apart from my awesome knickers!) so I wasn’t sure how the block worked on my body. From my body measurements I went with a size Small at the waist and graded out to a size Medium on the hips. I chose to cut out version 2, which are above ankle cropped trousers with a tie closure waist, because I loved the unusual detail of the ties.

Megan Nielsen Flint Trousers Legs

I chose to use a light weight cotton linen mix from Minerva Crafts which I brought earlier in the year hoping that the weather would improve! It was good to work with, although being linen it does crease easily and when you iron the seam allowances you get a mark that shows… However, it’s super cool and breezy for the summer which is a massive plus.

The construction of the trousers was fairly straight forward, although I added some little techniques I learnt from my trouser class with the wonderful Julie at Sew Over It such as stretching the back crotch seam slightly as you sew, so that the stitching will stretch when you move and reinforcing the same seam by sewing over a second time. Both these tips will help prevent a potentially embarrassing crotch rip!

Megan Nielsen Flint Trousers Tie Close Up

One of the things I love the most about the Flint pattern are the little design details that make them stand out from the other cropped culottes on the market. They have a brilliant step in pocket opening, which means no zips or flies and is deceptively simple to construct. I want all my trousers to have this opening now! I also love the waist ties, which are small enough not to flap and get in the way, but offer a bit of something different.

Megan Nielsen Flint Trousers Button

Inside there is a jigger button which closes the waistband with a secret button hole on the other side. It works perfectly to keep the trousers up, but also simple to get out of.

I am thrilled with my new trousers and I’ve worn them endlessly since I finished them. I find them very comfortable to wear, perfect for changeable English weather and smart enough to wear to work. I am sure they are going to be a staple for me and I’m already planning a full length winter pair!

Megan Nielsen Flint Trousers Front 2


One thought on “Megan Nielsen Flint Trousers

  1. Caroline Joynson says:

    These look fab! I too learnt I needed more me-made trousers during MMM18, I was wondering between the Flint’s or the True Bias Lander’s (which I recently bought) but having read your review it makes me want a pair of these now!

    Liked by 1 person

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