Sew Over It Ultimate Wrap Dress


Sew Over It Ultimate Wrap Dress

When I brought this gorgeous fabric from Girl Charlee at the Knitting and Stitching Show back in March I knew it had to become a wrap dress. It was so 1970’s Diane Von Furstenberg – a mix of glam and fun!

I had the Sew Over It Ultimate Wrap Dress pattern lurking in my “to sew” pile and I’m a big fan of Sew Over It patterns so I naturally decided to go with that option rather than hunt around. The pattern is very simple and quick, with very few steps. If you’ve sewn with knits before there is nothing tricky here. I would normally sew most knit garments almost entirely on my overlocker, but there are few steps in this pattern that call for the precision of a normal sewing machine (in particular pressing open one side seam and sewing around the hole for the ties). I just used a narrow zig zag stitch and overlocked the edges like I would on a woven fabric and I’ve not had any problems.

I had a few issues with this pattern and perhaps I should have done a toile or a more thorough fitting during sewing.

I found the sleeves surprisingly big, both long and baggy. I normally have the opposite problem and almost always add an inch to all the long sleeves on any patterns I sew – I just assumed I had longer arms than average. However, these sleeves are much longer than normal! I wonder if it’s something to do with the large fit on the top and shoulders and that the dress is falling down my shoulders a bit? If I made the pattern again I would definitely taper in the sleeves a bit more towards the wrist as they are much baggier than the rest of the pattern. I would also shorten the waist ties by a few inches, but I wonder if I need to wrap it around my waist another time?

My main issue was fitting across the chest, which is a common wrap dress problem and especially for me. I have narrow shoulders and rib cage, so I often have to make an adjustment and take away fabric. It’s harder on a wrap dress as there’s no darts to take in the excess fabric. I ended up doing a running stitch through the neckline hem with some elastic thread to gather it in slightly. It’s made a real difference thank goodness! If I made the pattern again I would take a chunk out of the front bodice at the shoulder.

Despite all of the above the dress has turned out really well and I know I’m going to get lots of wear from it – I think the fabric really lifts it into something special. Now I know how the pattern fits I would definitely make it again but with my adjustments.


Sew Over It Ultimate Wrap Dress


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