Me Made May 2017


We’ve made it! I have to say that I’m relieved we’ve FINALLY got to the end of May. It was getting rather tiresome taking photos of myself (or begging my poor long suffering husband) every day for Me Made May. It’s impossible to get a decent photo when you’ve got builders in and you’re running late for work! However, it was a really enjoyable experience to connect with other sewists from around the world and have a peek in their homemade wardrobes and there’s nothing I love more than being nosey. I’ve got lots of inspiration and a ridiculously long to sew list now…


It’s also useful to take an overview of what you actually wear most. When I started I would have told you that I wore more dresses than separates, but clearly that’s not the case! I have a few items that go with lots in my wardrobe, but I definitely need to make more bottom halves – perhaps some plain skirts and trousers? After the success and comfort of my Colette Mabel Skirt I’m going to make a few more of those and I’ve seen some beautiful versions of the Megan Nielson Flint Trousers.


I also wear a LOT of blue. I could have told you that though… Perhaps I should be more adventurous in terms of colour and add a few brighter colours and prints in the future?


Sew Over It Vintage Shirt Dress


Sew Over It Ultimate Shirt


Tilly and the Buttons Mimi Blouse

It’s also fascinating to see which outfit receives the most positive comments and likes. My most popular outfit by far as been my Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Dress in Rifle Paper Co fabric. I made it earlier in the year and hadn’t worn it much because it’s loose fitting around the top and when you wear it with cardigans (which is essential during the colder months) it gets very crumpled and baggy. Clearly it’s much better suited to warmer weather when I can wear it without layers and bare legged.

IMG_8540 (1)

Sew Over It Ultimate Shift Dress

More than anything I’m proud that I’ve managed to do the whole month of Me Made May with something different each day and I’ve still got homemade items leftover, which goes to show how much of my wardrobe is handmade. Next year I’m investing in a tripod for all my photos!



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